• Alma Park Primary School
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Our Lady’s High School

The first and the third of these Book Launches were quite informal and involved a relatively small number of people. The second, that at Manchester Metropolitan University, was the first time in which more books were sold than the actual number of people attending! That is a wonderful record to hold.

Subsequently, the Initiative has received the following comment from two consultants employed by the Bury Local Authority which gives a flavour of how the talk was received.

My colleague and I attended the book launch at MMU with high expectations which were not disappointed. John’s informal presentation style and personable demeanour underpinned a talk which contained a complementary balance of entertaining anecdote, academic research, educated hypothesis and informed exposition.

The book appears to contain thought provoking, stimulating and sheer good sense ideas based on long experience of education and we look forward to reading the detail in the book.

Questions were taken good humouredly and people’s concerns addressed sympathetically. John Abbott appeared to us to be a man in very much in tune with his subject and the wider concerns of education and its place in society at the start of the 21st century.

Criticisms?? It wasn’t long enough!!
E. Todd-Jones English Consultant, Bury LA
P. Robinson Science Consultant, Bury LA

It is expected that there will be series of further presentations in the Manchester area which will build on this trio of presentations, as well as the one to be held at Bury Girls’ School next week.

People attending these book launches might find the attached Paper, An introductory explanation of the disconnect between the organisation of English schools and what the neurobiological, cognitive and behavioural sciences are discovering about the operation of the human brain, and how humans learn, a useful reminder of the main points. Following that then there are a multiplicity of other ideas which can be found in other parts of the website.