The following Presentation was prepared for a general meeting of the community held at Ganges on Salt Spring Island on Tuesday 2nd March.  This formed part of the beginning session of a 36-hour Retreat held at Giss (the Gulf Islands Secondary School) attended by some 175 members of the Gulf Islands community (Salt Spring, Galliano, Maine, Pender and Saturna Islands) – parents, community leaders, pupils, teachers and members of the School Board.  It was followed by a full day of discussions, a Report of which will be added later.

In addition to looking at the presentation itself participants may well find it helpful to read the Paper, Lieutenant Peter Puget, the grain of the brain and modern society’s failure to understand adolescents, prepared for the conference of BC Superintendents in 2004.  For those wanting a resume of a first-level introduction to these ideas see An introductory explanation of the disconnect between the organisation of English schools and what the neurobiological, cognitive and behavioural sciences are discovering about the operation of the human brain, and how humans learn.

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