The second presentation was held on Wednesday 3rd March.  This presentation drew upon the slides used the previous evening at Salt Spring but not in exactly the same order.  The slides were used to stimulate a wide discussion which led to the selling of a significant number of copies of Overschooled but Undereducated.  This was attended by something over 100 people drawn not only from the Sooke district but from the City of Victoria (School District 61) and from Saanich (School District 63)

In addition to looking at the presentation itself participants may well find it helpful to read the Paper, Lieutenant Peter Puget, the grain of the brain and modern society’s failure to understand adolescents, prepared for the conference of BC Superintendents in 2004. For those wanting a resume of a first-level introduction to these ideas see An introductory explanation of the disconnect between the organisation of English schools and what the neurobiological, cognitive and behavioural sciences are discovering about the operation of the human brain, and how humans learn.