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A School that Fits: Public Meeting 9th July, 2010

Q and A from a public meeting held on 9th July, 2010, concerning St. Mark’s School in Larkhall.

Public Meeting, Larkhall, Bath

May 6, 2010

A public meeting will be held to set out our alternative proposal to the potential closure of St. Mark’s Secondary School at the New Oriel Hall on Saturday the 22nd May.

A Trio of Manchester Book Launches

March 10, 2010

The first and the third of these Book Launches were quite informal and involved a relatively small number of people. The second, that at Manchester Metropolitan University, was the first time in which more books were sold than the actual number of people attending! That is a wonderful record to hold.

The Initiative in Changing Times

A strategy document outlining the Initiative’s future aims particularly with regards to the pre-publication edition of John Abbott’s new book Overschooled but Undereducated: Society’s Failure to Understand Adolescence

The 21st Century Learning Initiative Canadian Group

Learning is a complex activity that transforms the lives of individuals and communities. Learning happens when information and understanding are integrated.

The Hammersmith and Fulham Primary Headteachers’ Course (1999-2000)

This curriculum was delivered to a group of primary heads in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulhman. The course was the result of a partnership between the Hammersmith and Fulhman LEA, the Initiative and the Esmee Fairbain Foundation. Introduction New understandings about the brain; about how people learn; about the potential of information and […]

Results from The Hammersmith and Fulham Primary Headteachers’ Training Course (1999-2000)

October 22, 2000

Following is a brief summary of the results of a partnership between the Hammersmith and Fulhman LEA, the Initiative, and the Esmee Fairbain Foundation.

State of the World Forum 2000: Convening the Community of Stakeholders (September 3-10, 2000), New York

September 15, 2000

As the process of globalization unfolds, an increasing number of stakeholders are attempting to enter the dialogue concerning global governance. This is a challenge of historic dimensions, requiring unprecedented sensitivity and respect for the viewpoints of all parties. Executive Summary At the beginning of the 20th century, national governments were the primary, if not exclusive […]

Syllabus for The Biology of Learning: Intersession for Students at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

January 17, 2000

TOPIC 1: Short history of ideas about learning and education. Readings: First two chapters of The Unfinished Revolution: society, learning, compromise and paradox by Terry Ryan and John Abbott. Questions to think about What did scientists and philosopher’s mean when they spoke about learning? Was there a consensus? How important is “science” in determining what happens […]

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