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Folder 8: 2002

Towards a Common Ethic

Download as PDF: Towards a Common Ethic_Wright, Holloway_Peter Abbott

At Home in the World

Download as PDF At Home in the World_Fox, Capra, Wilson_Peter Abbott

The Inner Workings of the Brain: Master and Apprentice, Chapter 16

Download Master and Apprentice_Chapter 16 DOCX Master and Apprentice_Chapter 16 PDF

Review : Doubts and Loves by Richard Holloway and Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choice by Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria.

A In its last editorial of 2001 The Observer reflects that “this year has been one of sealed minds.” It observes that whilst “Al-Qaeda is the most sinister and deadly – the hardening of cultural, political and religious arteries has been shocking evident everywhere.” Immediately below the editorial is printed an open letter to Secretary of […]

Science and the Story that We Need

This article comes as close as anything I’ve read about the need to find a coherent life-philosophy which respects both scientific and spiritual ways of understanding. In attempting to answer the question, “education for what”, many people see the need for a resolution of such viewpoints. – John Abbott

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