I was lucky enough to be in the audience in Torquay last year when you spoke about your book.  I have to confess that while I was profoundly affected by what I heard, it took me over a year to getting round to reading it.  One of the pitfalls of being a Head of Music, I’m afraid.  I finished the book a few weeks ago, and have thought about it a great deal since then.  To be honest, the thing that helped most was the clear, reasonable and perfectly logical explanation of why I was a miserable sod from the age of about 13 until I became a teacher at 22.  This in turn has changed the way I talk to teenagers at school, and has drastically changed my view of my infant daughter, in whom I see the seeds of a teeming ball of possibilities!

I agree with the Initiative – this is a book that urgently needs to be more widely read (given the way the election is going, it looks more essential than ever).   I’m doing my bit in my own small way – I have already bought the book for my mother (a teacher for 35 years) and a colleague, and have quoted from it during input sessions with trainee teachers – but if I can be of any use, I would be delighted to help.