Overschooled but Undereducated is a truly inspiring read and a worthwhile publication. It surpasses Abbott & Ryan: The Unfinished Revolution, 2000 which is an accolade indeed. The message flows through so powerfully to the end – I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

But what is truly exciting about this – and I am aware this is already the summation of over 20 years endeavour – is that it represents the beginning of a publishing programme building on this solid foundation. Here we have a chance to create a Building (or re-Building) the society of the future which is full of inspiration for a range of people – policy makers, professional and lay – as we strive to put the next pieces in place. Hugely ambitious but very exciting: hoping for giant leaps but prepared to acknowledge gentle nudges as well. Some components edging in the right direction whilst others herald major change.

When I was President of the Geographical Association in 2003 my Presidential address was concerned with this – the wow factor in the classroom, the sparks that lit the fire in the young mind and the desire for concerned teachers (in particular) to win back control of the curriculum and the control of their professional lives in order they could realise the ambitions that took them into the classroom in the first place.

Thanks for the terrific read, and allowing me this opportunity to really enjoy my job!