What the book brings to me is a reminder that schooling is just a part of the education process. Education is a lifetimes experience which should constantly remind us what fun, stimulation and satisfaction can be gained from having an inquisitive and enquiring mind.

So it is so important that we incorporate into the upbringing of our children all the experience we have acquired, all the new sciences available to us, all the new technology to hand so that young adults can flourish and tackle with vigour and skill the problems of the world they are inheriting.

In doing so we cannot be blind to the obvious influence that the combined pastures from which we all flow in varying degrees, namely the family, our communities and our schools, must exert in directing us so that we can know how to learn and seek solutions for ourselves guided towards but not presented with solutions.

John has skilfully explained the past, examined the present and given us the food for thought necessary for us to come to our own conclusions as to the direction which education in all these arenas should be taking. We cannot sit back and hope that schools will do it particularly if we allow the politicians to usurp the role that the family and the community should be fulfilling.