The letter said:-

“We live by the ideals of the 21st Century Learning Initiative. we work with the grain of the brain. That’s why we have done so well. Our International Curriculum excites people. We have passion, ownership and fun!  Oh and whilst writing to you, we notice you have no tickbox for fun and ownership of learning……….and, not that we’re bothered…..but why does 90% make us only satisfactory?”

And finally the Chair of Governors observed, as she left for home and tea. “Come and see our children properly one day and you tell them they only make satisfactory progress…”
“Yes,” said the Headteacher, “And that little boy still wants to talk to you about that cannon ball.
And anyway we can see our children have got the Golden Learning Egg and their very own supply of Learning Beans. All that’s needed to carry them through their whole lives. They won’t be afraid of Giants because giants are just problems you can overcome with a little thinking, a little reflection and a little hard work……or do I mean hard play”

And so it was that everyone at Kingsham Primary School lived happily ever after.
(Not that we evaluated it or could prove it with viable normative data). And the Golden Learning Eggs were there for everyone to see if you only knew how to look. And the Beans!