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Adolescents Crave Purpose

“When I told my 16-year-old son the title of your book,” said a teacher in Manchester ten days ago, “he responded with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, ‘that book must have been written just for me. That’s why I’m so frustrated. Endless hours of schooling seem to be giving me little preparation for the world I think I live in.’”

It’s Really Very Simple … The Solution to England’s Education Problem

The solution to England’s education problem will be very simple once the country comes to appreciate the damage still being done by two Victorian myths that haunt everyday thinking.

Don’t Fence me In

The wonder of adolescence Mike Perham was fourteen when he first sailed across the Atlantic single-handedly; sixteen when he set off around the world, and seventeen by the time he returned to Portsmouth last Saturday.  Evidently, Jessica Watson, aged sixteen, is hoping to set out to beat Perham’s round-the-world record later this month in Pink […]

Essential Biology

The grain of the brain There is not much that today’s children don’t know about human biology, but there is an awful lot about the neuro-biology of human learning that politicians don’t seem to understand… simply to teach a child something is no guarantee that it will be learnt. To appreciate the difficulties experienced in […]

Adolescence; a critical Evolutionary Adaptation

This Paper has been written in response to an increasing concern that formal education, especially at the secondary level, is failing to meet the needs and expectations of young people for an appropriate induction into adult life and responsibilities.

The Challenge of Synthesis; Making sense of Research Across the Biological and Social Sciences

Wesley College Institute (Melbourne) Advisory Committee 27th May 2006   Presentation by John Abbott, President The 21st Century Learning Initiative (U.K. and International) Currently in a Partnership with Wesley College to explore new thinking and directions for schooling during the Adolescent years   The Challenge of Synthesis; Making sense of Research Across the biological and […]

Lost in Translation

A personal reflection on the Conference held at Harrison Hot Springs Resort on March 7th and 8th 2006 to consider “Promoting a learning Community in British Columbia”, sponsored by the Canadian Council on Learning. Available in both English and French.

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