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British Columbia

Conference Keynote: Into the Future; Knowledge Transfer, and Cultural Norms

This keynote was  delivered by John Abbott to the Business Council of British Columbia Human Capital Conference on 22 November 2012 at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver. Reuniting Thinking with Doing: Igniting the Innate Passion of Adolescence for Personal Engagement from Responsible Subversives   It is a pleasure to be with you.   Although I […]

Into the Future: Knowledge Transfer and Cultural norms – Pre-Conference Briefing Paper for the British Columbia Human Capital Conference

This is the Pre-Conference Briefing Paper for the keynote given by to the Business Council of British Columbia Human Capital Conference,  22nd November 2012  at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver. Contrary to many a childhood memory, learning is not an alien activity which has to be imposed on humans; rather it is a set […]

John Abbott in British Columbia, by Jeff Hopkins

John Abbott was invited to spend three weeks in February in BC by the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Education — an invitation extended by Dean Ted Riecken almost immediately after seeing John in action in October 2011. It was in October that John created an opportunity for the Faculty of Education, Ministry of Education […]

British Columbia

The ideas of the Initiative are capturing ever-increasing interest around the world, especially in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. Careful observers of educational reform in many countries note the difference between those places that steadily and systematically invest in building up a system, and those which most obviously set out to ‘beat-up’ an old […]

Comox (School District 71) British Columbia, Canada

A Presentation was made to a select number of school administrators and teacher leaders in Comox, on the afternoon of the 5th March which used some of the slides from the presentation made earlier at Salt Spring.

Sooke District (School District 62) British Columbia

The second presentation was held on Wednesday 3rd March. This presentation drew upon the slides used the previous evening at Salt Spring but not in exactly the same order.

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