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Intergenerational Learning

Wisdom that can’t be taught There is a new word being heard around the block – internship.  Traditionally it meant newly-qualified medical graduates understudying experienced doctors, but Alan Milburn’s Report, “Unleashing Aspirations,” expands the definition to mean young people shadowing experienced professionals so learning some of the tricks of their trade.  Internships are similar to […]

Retail Therapy, or Jobs for the boys?

Learning by doing All we wanted was a chocolate cake.  But in one of the old pottery towns of Staffordshire that meant getting into a car and driving several miles through a lifeless urban landscape of derelict factories and boarded-up shops.  The supermarket, when we reached it, was huge and resembled the departure lounge of […]

Are Flat and Level the same thing?

Taking a child seriously That’s not a difficult question, at least for an adult.  But when asked by a bright, inquisitive six-year-old girl trying ‘to help’ as I was building a large shed in the garden it wasn’t necessarily that easy to answer.  How do you get a six-year-old to understand the theory of gravity, […]

Good old Common Sense

Sometimes it takes far too long for me to pick up a gem.  The gem that struck me so strongly last evening was contained in an email sent by a friend of an “Obituary” notice that it seems first appeared in The New York Times in 2007 and has subsequently been reprinted in very many […]

Paternal Pride, and Public Education

I couldn’t help paternal pride breaking out last evening as Anne and I went to the Mall Galleries in London with David our second son and his fiancé, to the annual Originals 09 printmaking exhibition where a piece of his work – The Lighthouse – was being displayed.  There were crowds milling around, and much excited […]

Ten Years On cont…

The first chapter of the book I finished writing ten years ago was entitled What Kind of Education for What Kind of World; Do we want our children to grow up as battery hens or free-range chickens?  It was a subject I had spoken on at very many conferences, and which I was to continue […]

Ten Years On

It is almost exactly ten years to the day that I completed the writing of The Child is the Father of the Man; How Humans Learn and Why.  As a private publication – it came out under the imprint of Education 2000, the predecessor of The 21st Century Learning Initiative – it sold over 10,000 […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

February 12, 2009

It is said that there is really nothing new in the world, and that which comes around once will inevitably come around again.  Most of us can testify to the truth of this.  But even I was brought up short by a letter in today’s Post from the Department of Children, Schools and Families informing […]

First shot

February 11, 2009

I am a complete stranger to the world of blogging but from what I have heard it could benefit my thinking as Director of the 21st Century Learning Initiative, by sharing my thoughts on an almost daily basis with colleagues around the world might lead to some useful dialogue. Much of the time my thoughts will […]

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