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Thesis 14 – Significance of Narrative

Humans are a story-telling species.  Faced with a multiplicity of facts and ideas which we may only imperfectly understand, we use stories to create frameworks that help us to transmit the sense of what we understand to other people.  Our culture is contained within the stories we tell.  The thing which humans need more than […]

Thesis 13 – What is Life?

With the advent of consciousness humans started to ask the apparently unanswerable questions, questions that take us to the supreme heights of human achievement, and into the depths of despair.  Not for us the unreflective life of a dog, or even possibly a chimpanzee; we humans try to solve the riddle of existence by posing […]

Thesis 8 – Endless Chatterers

  [Please scroll down to listen to an audio version of this thesis] Humans Love to talk.  It’s conversation that helps the youngest brains to grow, and the oldest brains to remain agile.  The more we talk the larger becomes our vocabulary (the average Englishman has a vocabulary of some seventy-five thousand words).  As an […]

Thesis 7 – Collecting Our Thoughts

[Please scroll down to listen to an audio version of this thesis] Learning is not so much about being taught, as it is the consequence of having to think something out for yourself.  As such, learning is a reflective activity.  By drawing upon our past experiences to understand and evaluate new ideas we are able […]

Leaders, Learners and the Hero’s Journey

Delivered before the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development March 19, 1996 by Stephanie Pace Marshall, President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

In Search of Community

Ernest Boyer delivered this speech to the the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s 48th Annual Conference Creating Learning Communities, held at Washington, D.C., on 26 – 30 March 1993. Please note that this is an exact transcript rather than a cleaned-up print version. I’m delighted to be invited to join you to celebrate the 50th […]

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