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Thesis 2 – The Excitement of Learning

[Please scroll down to listen to an audio version of this thesis] Learning gets to the heart of what it means to be human.  It is through learning that we continuously recreate ourselves and become able to do things we were never able to do before.  Learning enables us to perceive the world afresh and […]

Thesis 1 – Providing Roots and Wings for our Children

[Please scroll down to listen to an audio version of this thesis] The education of children is the most important task parents, or a nation, have to undertake; on them the future well-being of the world depends.  Through the combined influence of home, community and school, education has to create men and women capable of […]

School and Curriculum or Learning and Humanity?

To embrace humanity is to embrace life. To talk about life we have to first agree that life is something we want to live.


Stop the world, has been the age-long plea, I want to get off.

A Complete and Generous Education

As the General Election edges closer two Reports, “Liberal Education and the National Curriculum” published by Civitas, and the University of Bristol’s Transition from Primary to Secondary School are likely to catch the attention of politicians.


Death by Inspection “The more you trust people the thinner the rulebook, while the less you trust them, the thicker the book becomes,” declaimed the late, redoubtable Al Shanker, President of the American Federation of Teachers some years ago at a conference in London. It is such an obvious truth you would think it unnecessary […]

Hidden Connections

Seeing Clearly “Education is the ability to perceive the hidden connections between phenomena,” wrote Vaclav Havel the President of the Czech Republic, a man once derided and imprisoned for his political beliefs, a courageous man, and one of the deepest thinkers of our time. You have to think very carefully about that statement.  It is […]

Reading is not my preferred learning style

December 3, 2009

A crisis in the making It was a three-day residential conference during which some 60 headteachers were exploring the significance of new research into learning to find ways to improve classroom practice.  By the end of the second day some people were obviously flagging, and their attention was wandering.  Rather than pressing them too hard […]

On the evidence of three men (plus one)

December 3, 2009

Fit to trade The latest report from Ofsted will no doubt be quoted, selectively, by government as an endorsement of its policies.  There has been a sustained four-year increase in schools rated good or outstanding, writes Christine Gilbert the Head of Ofsted, but that could be speeded up if ‘dull’ lessons were eradicated. But three […]

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