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Master and Apprentice


Today’s fast moving, technological world tends to dismiss apprenticeship either as a product of celebrity entertainment or as a trade skill for those not bright enough to go to university. How wrong we all are! My father was one of the most intelligent men I have ever met. Born a day before the start of […]

A Book That Was Never Published

In the first three years of the last decade I struggled, amidst a diary full of speaking engagements and numerous conferences, to write a book with the title of Master and Apprentice: Reuniting thinking with doing. It was a good book, the MSS of which I still turn back to when I need to reclaim parts of an argument, but the publisher found it too long and, in his view, “too broadly based, requiring too much additional thinking on the part of a reader.”

Master and Apprentice: Reuniting Thinking with Doing

We are very pleased to be publishing a PDF manuscript of the previously unpublished Master and Apprentice: Reuniting Thinking with Doing.

Review: Master and Apprentice: Reuniting Thinking with Doing by John Abbott

Reading [the manuscript for Master and Apprentice] has been a gale of fresh air and most reassuring for my sense of sanity. If your book receives many nods of recognition, much polite applause and then gathers dust on concerned people’s bookshelves, one of my worst fears will have been realised. Your book calls for action and challenges the complacency and apathy that haunts these times.

Face to Face with the Stone Age: Master and Apprentice Chapter 15 external-link

Unique opportunity to understand personal study of one of the last surviving Hunter/Gatherer societies, the Hadza in Tanzania

The Inner Workings of the Brain: Master and Apprentice, Chapter 16

Download Master and Apprentice_Chapter 16 DOCX Master and Apprentice_Chapter 16 PDF

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