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OverSchooled but UnderEducated

Readers responses to Michael Shaw’s review of “Over-schooled but Undereducated”, TES, 22nd January 2010

Janet M. Lawley, former headmistress and an advocate for children. What a pity that Michael Shaw was unfamiliar with the concept of cognitive apprenticeship as a model of learning and assumed that it was the same as traditional apprenticeship. It is almost two decades since Collins, Brown and Hollum published their thesis, “Cognitive Apprenticeship – […]


A superficial Review In one of the most quoted poems in the English language – If, by Rudyard Kipling – there is a couplet that reads “If you can bear to hear the truth you have spoken, twisted to make a trap for fools”… then, says Kipling, “you will be a man!” Well, having read […]

Overschooled But Undereducated: How the crisis in education is jeopardizing our adolescents

This book synthesizes an array of research and shows how these insights can contribute to a better understanding of human learning, especially as this relates to adolescence. By mis-understanding teenagers’ instinctive need to do things for themselves, society is in danger of creating a system of schooling that so goes against the natural grain of […]

It’s Really Very Simple … The Solution to England’s Education Problem

The solution to England’s education problem will be very simple once the country comes to appreciate the damage still being done by two Victorian myths that haunt everyday thinking.

So What? A Young Person’s take on being Overschooled but Undereducated, by Leigh MacTaggart Richter

A review written shortly after Leigh Richter completed ‘So what? A young person’s guide to Overschooled but undereducated’

Overschooled and Undereducated: Getting the Balance Right

Good evening. It is both an honour and a pleasure to be invited to give this lecture. I do so with some trepidation. I know I am easily carried away with my enthusiasm! Some years ago my wife and I were on a Sunday afternoon walk with our three sons. Our youngest, Tom, who was […]

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