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Partly Right, but Wholly Wrong

July 1, 2009

It seems a wonderful offer… free one-on-one private tuition for any child needing to catch up with work they don’t understand. Parents worried about the apparent slowness of their child’s progression are being wooed with an offer which even the least institutionally-aware parent must question where the resources are to come from. And, if it […]

The Primary Curriculum – trying to grow up

“Education is what remains after you have forgotten everything you ever learnt in school”, claimed Mark Twain.  We don’t remember, at least I don’t, the content of what we learnt all those years ago, but what we do use every day (quite literally for our survival) is just how to learn.  That was the vital […]

A Project to demonstrate significant improvements in pupil Performance by mobilising the full resources if the community to support learning

A Research and Development Proposal submitted to The Department for Education by Education 2000 February 1993 A Project to demonstrate significant improvements in pupil performance by mobilising the full resources of the community* to support learning. *Definition: Community – a place of well defined geographic boundaries within which there is a strong sense of internal […]

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