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Thesis 99 – The Story Now to be Told

“We have not inherited this world from our parents, we have been loaned it by our children”1. Recognising that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves is both a humbling and an empowering thought.  Like the Saxon nobleman observing the sparrow (Th. 23), we know that we only appreciate a small fraction of […]

Thesis 98 – Upside Down and Inside Out

The pace of change is now so great that it is no longer enough for schools simply to transfer to the next generation the wisdom of earlier times; they have to start a dynamic process whereby pupils are weaned of their earlier dependence on institutions, and given the confidence to manage their own learning1.   […]

Thesis 97 – Subsidiarity

The aim of good parenting, as of good teaching, should be to so inculcate in the growing child a range of skills, attitudes and behaviours that, at an appropriate time (sooner, rather than later) the child can be progressively weaned of its dependence, so that parents take pleasure and great reassurance that their child is […]

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