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Thesis 95 – Don’t Panic, Think Straight

You don’t have to go into the dark, but if you want to see the stars in all their glory you have to dare to go deep into the desert, away from the light pollution of civilisation.  Only then, when your eyes become acclimatised to real darkness, can you begin to appreciate the sheer brilliance […]

Thesis 94 – Precious and Extraordinarily Fragile

If civilisation is to survive, we have to live on the interest, not the capital, of nature.  Ecological markers suggest that in the early 1960s, humans were using about 70% of nature’s yearly output; by the end of the 1980s had reached 100%; and in 1999 we were at 125%.  We are raiding ‘the larder’, […]

Thesis 93 – Faith in the Future

Having children is like planting seeds; we lay down the foundations but may never see the end result.  That is the difference between the architect, and the worker.  We are workers, not architects; doers, not leaders.  We do our best, and then pass on.  “We are prophets of a future not our own”1.   You […]

Reform Scotland

Reform Scotland is a public policy institute or ‘think tank’ which was established as a separate Scottish charity, completely independent of any political party or any other organisation and funded by donations from individuals, charitable trusts and corporate organisations.

Imagination; Fact or Fiction?

A personal reflection The wedding of a son or daughter stirs parental memories as nothing else can.  As guests congregate you come face-to-face with different chapters of your child’s life, and you are reminded of your own early life together.  Being a story-telling species our minds struggle to draw all these pieces together into a […]

The Challenge of Synthesis; Making sense of Research Across the Biological and Social Sciences

Wesley College Institute (Melbourne) Advisory Committee 27th May 2006   Presentation by John Abbott, President The 21st Century Learning Initiative (U.K. and International) Currently in a Partnership with Wesley College to explore new thinking and directions for schooling during the Adolescent years   The Challenge of Synthesis; Making sense of Research Across the biological and […]

Policy Paper

The Initiative’s Policy Paper from November 1998 is the most detailed description of our work and is necessary reading for anyone interested the ideas and research accumulated by the Initiative. The document is available as a PDF file.

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