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The Difficult Birth of a Transformative Idea; The story up to 1987

Emphasis was placed on community involvement and responsibility; the utilisation of technology in an open and more dynamic forms of learning; re-orientating the curriculum and preparing young people for adulthood in times of rapid and complex change; through both formal and informal learning.

Privatisation and Vocationalism

School governance A day or so before the Conservative Party Conference someone let slip that, in addition to providing for up to 5,000 primary schools to become parent-run Academies, the Party would make it possible (by a liberal interpretation of the law) for these to be run on a profit-making basis.  This, it was argued, […]


August 18, 2009

Teacher’s Calling A couple of weeks back I wrote a supportive Review of the Politeia Report on teacher employment and retention.  Subsequently I realised that I had missed something, but it was only last evening that I realised that the very thing which is central to why I am a teacher (and why I keep […]

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