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Thesis 68 – Dare to be Wise

The idea that talents are learnt for the service of others and not given, and that knowledge should bring humility and a sense of involvement in mankind, are just as necessary correctives to the arrogance of a meritocrat in a highly technological world, as they were when the grammar school was founded long ago; without […]

Thesis 61 – Questioning Intelligence

“Am I just thick”, asked a thirteen-year-old girl, “or am I only good at those things that really interest me?”  Her friends grinned; “She’s very good at annoying the boys”.  And then, “Does my brain get better through use?”, quizzed a third.  “What sort of use?”, interjected a fourth1.   What makes us the thinkers […]

Thesis 29 – Elizabethan Education

There is in education a law of delayed action, by which seed sown and long forgotten only grows in late years.  Teachers like to see results from their efforts, and direct them accordingly, but the most precious fruits of a good teacher’s work are those that he is never likely to see.1   If the […]

Thesis 26 – Reformation

At rare and unpredictable moments a revolutionary concept fundamentally changes the underlying assumptions that had previously held an assortment of beliefs together.  This is known as a Paradigm Shift1, a totally new mindset that reshapes relationships so that nothing can ever be seen in the same way again.   Travellers in England early in the […]

Thesis 22 – Judaism and Christianity

Of the three roots of western civilization ─  Greece, Rome and Palestine ─ it is the influence of the Jews which is the most extraordinary.  A tribe of desert nomads seeking land of their own between the great kingdoms of Assyria, Babylon and Egypt, these were a people whose struggles against adversity had convinced them […]

Thesis 15 – Wisdom beyond Knowledge

Our lives are drenched with information.  With so much that we could think about it’s inevitable that we shut most of it out of our consciousness for fear that our brains will crash through overload.  So selective can be our focus that we can easily miss the blindingly obvious.  Give ourselves time to think and […]

The Story, so Far

Can we – in this generation that knows so much about where we have come from – help our children to be wise rather than greedy?

Grandparents’ Wisdom

August 28, 2009

GCSE and all that Today’s talk is all about GCSE results.  What do they really mean, and are our children being properly prepared for the future?  By themselves the statistics are confusing.  “Why can’t it be like it once was?” pine those too young to remember the days of separate GCE and CSE.  But go […]

Too Busy to Think

Avoiding being drowned by information Long before emails were invented, and before the days of the fax and 24/7 news,  in fact the year I first became a headmaster, an older and wiser man gave me an excellent piece of advice.  “Every morning divide the contents of your in-tray into two piles… one for the […]

Stories from Alberta

  My travels have taken me to unusual places, and inevitably I meet audiences of many different kinds.  The people of Northern Alberta, living in an area the size of Florida, and now known as the Athabasca Oil Sands, were one of these highly distinctive groups that I spent time with in March.  They are […]

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