It’s your world to shape from Responsible Subversives

John Abbott recently returned from a whistle-stop lecture tour of British Columbia where he shared the thinking of the initiative. A part of the trip involved sharing his thinking with students, which is why he entitled his slides, It’s your world to shape not just to to take.

That was the essence of what he said to everyone he spoke to – students, parents, teachers, politicians.  People warmed to the topic. Young people have to do something about the world they live in.

As John says, ‘If we really want youngsters to produce the world of the future then we have to recognise that they are already criticising deep down what we are doing. They want to be involved in working things out from the very beginning.’

The message is clear: we need a better form of pedagogy to get our youngsters up and running to shape our future world.

In this week’s podcast John shares some of his experiences from his trip.

Listen to the podcast:

The slides are are also available here.